Holly & Jessica

I would suggest a doula to anyone. I had my first without the help of a doula, and my second with the help of the amazing Holly! I was so much more calm knowing that someone was there just for me, keeping me focused, thanks so much Holly…I wasn’t afraid at all with you at my side! ~ Carolyn Sommer

Holly…Cory and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the birth of our son a truly positive experience. You always said exactly what I needed to hear at the right time and encouraged me to listen and to trust my body. Looking back, the birth seemed easy and short, it left me feeling elated and surprised about how quick it was. Your service is priceless and a treasure. Thank you. ~ Cory & Carly Honeyman


Holly & Elsie

Holly…We felt really comfortable with you and found you very understanding.  We found some of the other doulas we talked to tried to push their beliefs on us, which we didn’t like. We felt pressured to have a birth the way they wanted us to, rather than how we were comfortable but you weren’t like that. We also really appreciate the visits before and after Taylor’s birth and that you were always available for us to call. The pictures were a huge bonus because we originally didn’t want a camera in the delivery room, now we are so thankful you had yours. ~Sheila & Shaun Minten

I knew Holly from her various jobs in the community. So, I was already familiar with her when I saw her doula services ad in the local paper. Our first child was born without the benefit of a doula. I wanted to have the doula experience with our second child. Holly met with my husband and I several times throughout the pregnancy. She fully explained her role as a doula, answered all of our questions, provided resources about labour, birthing, breastfeeding etc. From these meetings we developed a birthing plan. Holly was always available to address any concerns and made sure we were happy with everything. At the time of labour, Holly came right away to our home. She immediately went into “doula” mode and supported me as I went through intense and frequent contractions. She massaged my lower back and calmly led me through breathing and relaxing. We went to the hospital shortly after, where Holly kept encouraging me through each contraction and continued the gentle massage. My husband was able to hold my hands as Holly worked her magic! Holly was so calm, reassuring, and supportive throughout the whole labour and birth. She definitely added a positive aura to a rapid and intense labour! I would have no question about having a doula present if I were to have another baby. Holly was absolutely wonderful!

From Kevin: Hi Holly. It was awesome to have you with us for our highlight of 2008. Your presence helped me cope with my own stress of the situation more than I thought it would. And your professional follow-up services after the birth was far more than I expected. I would recommend you to any couple having a baby.
~ Iris &  Kevin Pearson

Dear Holly, Thanks so much for all that you’ve done for me. I really appreciate all your support and love. Thanks for taking such care to photograph everything. It helped my family so much to have you there to support and encourage us. I’m so grateful for you. ~Hannah Clark

I gave birth
Too large of a baby
Too flat of a pelvis
Said I couldn’t do it
I gave birth
Too risky they said
Too much overdue
C-Section scar
I gave birth
Glucose intolerant
Group B positive
What’s your end game?
I gave birth
Without their interventions
Without their fears
Surrounded by calm peaceful love
I gave birth
Let that contraction go
Listen to your body
Holding hands
I gave birth                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Birth stool in my kitchen
Birth tub on the floor
Trusting it all
I gave birth
Strong pain
Stronger support
Moaning low
I gave birth
My body isn’t broken
My spirit is healed
My heart is so thankful


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