How to Make a Placenta Print, by Amanda Louise Emsley


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Orgasmic Birth

“Through the engaging stories of different women—some of whom did not have their ‘ideal’ birth scenario—this extraordinary film will certainly help thousands of young women move past the media misinformation and current climate of ‘doubt’ to a place of confidence in determining their own birthing choices.” —Judy Norsigian, Executive Director, Our Bodies, Ourselves

Orgasmic Birth tells us what is right about undisturbed birth without blaming anyone. It is artful, realistic, dynamic, and full of hope for women everywhere.” —Barbara Harper, RN, founder/director, Waterbirth International

We’re hoping to host a screening of this movie in the future, please contact us for details.

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Birth & Breastfeeding Videos

We are always in search of beautiful birth and breastfeeding videos to share with you. When a video catches our eye, we will post it here. Please feel free to share your thoughts about what you have watched.